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Co-Mate Chimney Cleaner was originally developed by Atlantic Combustion Technologies Inc. (“ACT”) in Nova Scotia, Canada. While ACT made Co-Mate available to consumers on a limited basis in local markets, the company to this day remains primarily focused on industrial applications.

The original Co-Mate formula was developed for use in wood-fired industrial boilers in the early 1980s. Since then, ACT has devoted considerable resources into research and development programs to enhance the formula and develop unique application strategies. 

Today, the Co-Mate formula is truly an exceptional product. If you used Co-Mate Chimney Cleaner in its original formulation, you probably weren’t aware of its history in industrial applications. And while this was never promoted, Co-Mate Chimney Cleaner quietly benefited from the advancements made for ACT’s industrial clients.

Beginning in 2018, ACT reorganized to promote Co-Mate Chimney Cleaner through retail focused organizations. Cignis Hearth Industries Inc. is the culmination of this effort and is now tasked with distributing Co-Mate throughout North America and beyond.

After all, if Co-Mate is good enough to be used in a utility-sized power plant, just think what it can do for your chimney.

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