Co-Mate Chimney Cleaner is perhaps one of Atlantic Canada’s best kept secrets. Developed and manufactured in Nova Scotia, Canada by Atlantic Combustion Technologies, Inc. (“ACT”), Co-Mate Chimney Cleaner has been delighting consumers worldwide for well over 30 years.


The Co-Mate formula has been used in industrial applications since the early 1980s. ACT has devoted considerable resources into research and development programs to enhance the formula and develop unique application strategies.


Today, the Co-Mate formula is truly an exceptional product. While Co-Mate Chimney Cleaner has always been available for consumers on a limited basis, ACT’s focus remained almost exclusively on the industrial market. And while you may never have known it, Co-Mate Chimney Cleaner quietly benefited from the advancements made for ACT’s industrial clients.


Impressed with Co-Mate’s abilities and as part of a partnership agreement with ACT, we at RDA Atlantic, Inc. have relaunched Co-Mate Chimney Cleaner to focus on the unique demands of homes and businesses burning wood in fireplaces and woodstoves. If Co-Mate is good enough to be used in a utility-sized power plant, just think what it can do for your chimney.

Co-Mate Nostalgia

‟RDA” - RESEARCH. DEVELOP. APPLY. This is the core mission of RDA Atlantic Inc., a research and development firm based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. 


Since 2012, RDA Atlantic has been working in Canada and Europe to test and monitor the industrial version of Co-Mate when applied to larger power plants. Known as Co-Mate Ash Modifier, RDA Atlantic is pursuing this market and continues to promote industrial applications in specific regions of Canada and abroad. It is this experience with Co-Mate that led to our interest in Co-Mate Chimney Cleaner.


In early 2018, RDA Atlantic entered into an agreement with ACT to be the exclusive licensed manufacturer of Co-Mate Chimney Cleaner. Assuming full responsibility for the product, it is RDA Atlantic’s mission to serve all existing and potential customers for all applications at the consumer level with our exclusive brand, Co-Mate Chimney Cleaner.


We are engineers on a mission to cultivate innovative thought and explore industry potential through the application of new technologies, or through the enhancement of existing technologies for new applications. Check out our projects at www.rdaatlantic.com/projects.


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