Co-Mate works through two fundamental actions (or functions), which together have a dramatic effect on the combustion process that is greater than the sum of its parts. Co-Mate functions by:

  1. Improving combustion efficiency

  2. Physically altering the creosote formation process

Co-Mate is both a COMBUSTION CATALYST (1st Function) and an ASH MODIFIER (2nd Function). The first function utilizes an enhanced ion-exchange capacity that when introduced into a flame actually accelerates combustion chemistry. Fire is itself a series of chemical reactions. When Co-Mate is initially activated, fuel combustion becomes temporarily faster and more complete. This means that Co-Mate can actually increase the amount of radiant energy emitted from the fire itself without adding additional fuel.


As Co-Mate itself doesn’t burn, this means more heat remains in your home and less is wasted leaving the chimney. In fact, anything that increases the flame temperature in a fireplace or wood stove will reduce the potential for creosote build-up in the chimney. This is a direct result of the reduced amount of carbon available to form creosote as combustion is more complete.

While this first function alone can help reduce creosote build-up in a chimney, it also helps the second function to be more effective. It is this second function that truly makes Co-Mate unique and sets it apart from the competition. In fact, the developers of the Co-Mate formula spent considerable resources developing and understanding this function for maximum effect.





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