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This gets a bit technical, but if you're interested in getting into the details of just what Co-Mate does and how it does it, you've come to the right place. Co-Mate was developed through years of research and development in laboratory and field trials for industrial applications. These advancements are now available to consumers as Co-Mate Chimney Cleaner.

Co-Mate works through two fundamental actions (or functions), which together have a dramatic effect on the combustion process that is greater than the sum of its parts. Co-Mate functions by:

  1. Improving combustion efficiency

  2. Physically altering the ash formation process

Co-Mate is both a COMBUSTION CATALYST (1st Function) and an ASH MODIFIER (2nd Function).


The first function is a catalytic effect that when introduced into a flame actually accelerates combustion chemistry. Fire is itself a series of chemical reactions. When Co-Mate is initially activated, fuel combustion becomes temporarily faster and more complete. This means that Co-Mate can actually increase the amount of radiant energy emitted from the fire itself without adding additional fuel. As Co-Mate itself does not add any energy to the system, energy is conserved by an apparent faster drop in flue gas temperatures as these gases move up the chimney.


This effect means more heat remains in your home and less is wasted leaving the chimney. While you may not notice it, this actually reduces fuel consumption as less fuel is needed to produce the same effective heat inside your home where its needed. In addition, anything that increases the flame temperature in a fireplace or wood stove will also reduce the potential for creosote build-up in the chimney. This is a direct result of the reduced amount of carbon available to form creosote as combustion is more complete.


While this first function alone can help reduce creosote build-up in a chimney, it also helps the second function to be more effective. It is this second function that truly makes Co-Mate unique and sets it apart from the competition. In fact, the developers of the Co-Mate formula spent considerable resources developing and understanding this function for maximum effect.

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