Co-Mate’s second and most important function works by interacting with the ash in the fuel as it is released by the combustion process and carried into your chimney. In this high temperature environment, the Co-Mate particles break apart as they are heated. These particles then combine with the ash particles as they become hot and fluid. The combined materials then travel through the chimney as normal. The functional difference here is that the melting temperature of Co-Mate is much higher than the fusion temperature of the creosote, meaning that as the ash particles form and become molten, Co-Mate will remain solid throughout the entire process. Also importantly, Co-Mate at this stage will expand in volume, rather than melt.


As the combined Co-Mate and ash particles leave this high temperature environment and begin to cool, the particles do not reconstitute their original physical properties. Instead, as the ash particles attempt to collect together and harden on whatever surface they impact, Co-Mate is there to disrupt this process. As Co-Mate cools its solid structure begins to collapse well after the ash particles have solidified, leaving the remaining ash without any support structure. The result is ash with significantly reduced cohesive and adhesive abilities – a brittle material that can easily break apart like shattered glass.


When Co-Mate is heated, it inflates. When it cools, it doesn’t deflate but its structure collapses. Effectively, the ash bonded to these compounds no longer has a reliable medium on which to form, making the ash weak and friable. This is why Co-Mate’s technology is so effective. Creosote, which is comprised mostly of cooled and condensed ash, simply cannot form in the chimney under these conditions; even existing deposits eventually succumb to this process.


Once present in the combustion process, Co-Mate will affect the entire combustion system from the flame through to the gases exiting the chimney, and everywhere in between. Almost every aspect of the combustion system is improved in some way – and these improvements are not subtle.


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