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The most effective chimney cleaning and maintenance product you will ever use.

For use in ALL types of wood-burning appliances, chimneys and liners.

Improved packaging now available!


Available in 2 lb. tubes and 20 lb. pails.

Comate Chimney Cleaner

Co-Mate Chimney Cleaner is the simplest and most effective way of keeping the chimney of your wood burning appliance clean all year round.


Co-Mate's powerful formula is derived from years of research and development in industrial applications.


Combustion-Mate (or "Co-Mate") is a coarse, free-flowing powder that is activated by the heat of the fire inside your appliance to actually enhance combustion chemistry and alter the ash formation process, rendering it safer and easily brushable. Co-Mate utilizes unique physical processes rather than harsh chemicals to achieve incredible effects.


For use in wood stoves, fireplaces, pellet stoves, wood furnaces, and coal-fired appliances.

How it works

Co-Mate Chimney Cleaner is a powerful formula of carefully sourced and modified mineral compounds. When introduced into a hot fire, Co-Mate will react with the burning wood as creosote is formed. Creosote is normally a sticky black substance that adheres to the inside walls of your chimney. Over time, this substance becomes a major fire hazard.


Co-Mate makes wood fuel burn faster and more complete while also changing the physical nature of new and existing creosote deposits. This significantly reduces the flammable nature of creosote while making it much less likely to accumulate inside your chimney.


With regular use, Co-Mate can help keep your fireplace or wood stove a safe and effective part of your home or business while extending the overall life of your heating appliance.



  • No harsh chemicals

  • Non - toxic

  • Non - corrosive

  • Non - flammable

  • Inert

  • Odorless


Co-Mate does much more than simply clean your chimney

Co-Mate itself is non-polluting and helps to promote a cleaner environment around your home. When used regularly, Co-Mate reduces particulate emissions and annoying odors leaving your chimney. It also neutralizes the acidity of ash and over time protects your chimney from corrosion. Overall, Co-Mate helps your entire system run cleanly and efficiently, meaning a more even and continuous heat from your appliance all year round.


Safeguards against chimney fires


Reduces emissions and annoying odors


Protects your investment


Works Universally

Whether you have an old and inefficient fireplace or a brand new state-of-the-art catalytic stove, burning wood means soot and creosote accumulation is a fact of life. Co-Mate is safe and effective for all types of wood burning appliances, chimneys, and liners.


Works Powerfully

Co-Mate is powerful enough to remove even the most stubborn and dangerous creosote deposits. Co-Mate even works in less than optimal conditions such as low-firing or when using a poor quality or wet fuel.


Works Efficiently

Co-Mate works in a wide range of temperatures and keeps catalysts clean - perfect for modern appliances. Co-Mate even helps to keep more heat in the home and less wasted out the chimney.


Works Reliably

Co-Mate is not just for dirty chimneys. Sprinkle a little Co-Mate onto the fire on a regular basis for optimal and consistent results. A modest Co-Mate regimen helps to make operating your wood burning appliance safer, cleaner and easier to maintain.


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