But the benefits don’t stop there. Once the Co-Mate process is complete, most of the ash, now bonded with Co-Mate, falls harmlessly back into the combustion chamber. Effectively, this means a reduction in particulate matter released from the chimney. This means cleaner, clearer emissions producing less odors and related nuisances.


Overall, the entire combustion system stays cleaner and requires far less maintenance. In fact, a steady application of Co-Mate will also neutralize the acidity of the ash, which reduces the potential for corrosion inside your chimney.


When looking at the total effect Co-Mate has on a combustion system, it’s readily apparent that the technology is not only effective, but the results are very comprehensive. Co-Mate does not simply just treat creosote build-up in a chimney; it fundamentally changes the physical makeup of creosote, rendering it mostly harmless and very easy to manage.


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